Our process

Here is our typical project timeline.

   Free Quote

We will take your information, most likely call to fill in any details, and then provide a written estimate, normally within one business day.

   Project Confirmation

If you decide to work with us, we will first send a detailed project description for you to review and sign off on. This helps make sure we are all on the same page. The project description also sets a tentative shoot and editing schedule.

   Pre Production Consults

Most clients take advantage of our on location experience and request pre production advice on lighting, location selection, project concepts, etc.

   Video Shoot

Studio Ava has worked on location in four continents in shoots that have been single days up to as long as three weeks. We provide lighting and grip services as requested. In most cases, we provide still and motion images, although of course, we have also provided video only alongside a number of the world’s leading photographers.


Most editing occurs in our Edit Suite in New York, although we have also worked at other locations as requested by the client for collaboration purposes. Generally, we are able to send a first draft within ten business days from the end of the shoot. This draft will include a music overlay if requested by the client. In most cases, the first or second draft is accepted by our clients as the final product.

   Delivery Of Final Product

In most cases we transfer the final product to a Hard Drive in several high resolution formats depending on your broadcast and/or streaming needs. We will retain archive versions and Raw Footage for at least six months, longer if needed.